Few scholarships available at College of agriculture and allied science for needy students.
Scholarships are aimed at providing financial assistance towards the tuition fee and are generally available for the first year of study and in some cases subsequent years. Definitely, getting a scholarship is not everyone’s cup of tea.
If you got hold of a scholarship, that’s something to be appreciated. A scholarship in any university or college would bring you recognition and act as a boost to your confidence you need to sustain the new challenge.
Once a student graduates from college with a scholarship, potential employers will be very impressed with they read the resumes of these students.

Scholarship details:

ADT Scholarship - For best student of the year.

Dutch Government - For international educational programme students may submit application to Dutch Govt. on or before 1st May of each year. For more details please contact International Programme Co-ordinator (College of Agriculture, Baramati).


Scholarships directly reduce the cost of the tuition which means that there is no financial obligation following graduation. A scholarship can also assist in Completing Proper Education of college.


Being able to note on a CV that you hold a scholarship could also assist with further job opportunities. A scholarship can also assist in building further contacts through greater networking opportunities.


In most cases being a recipient of a scholarship does not bind you to working for the sponsoring organization. We Provide you with the assistance in case of ay query regarding the scholarship process.

Scholarship Updates

Ministry of Social Welfare Scholarships

Ministry of Social Welfare Scholarships can be availed by SC/NT/OBC/ST Candidates