Global Academic Partners:

College of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, Baramati is providing unique educational practices to its students in collaboration with various world classs International universities
1. National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management: For staff and student Exchange and Research Projects approved by Indian council of Agriculture research.
2. UC Davis, California: For staff and student Exchange and extensional Activities
3. Van Hall Larenstein University, Netherlands: Educational 3+1 and 2+2 programmes in Agriculture, Agri business management and Animal Husbandry
4. Yunan Agriculture University, China: For staff Exchange Programme
5. Earth University, Costarica: Capacity Building Training Programmes for Staff
6. Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok: For Masters Programme in Agri Business Management

MoU Signing between Agricultural Development Trust, Baramati and Amazon for Technical Cooperation.
MoU signing - AIT, Bangkok
MoU signing - VHL Netherlands
MoA signing - AIT, Bangkok
MoU Signing - Living Lab, VHL Netherlands